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Searching GHS-MSDS in G-ERP


Please kindly understand that searching could be slightly delayed due to massive amount of data.

  • Searching Advice

    If a product name is long like "HiQ Base Ebony Black(EB)", enter the keyword 'HiQ' or 'Ebony'.
    Then all products with the keyword would be searched.
    e.g. 'HiQ Base Ebony Black(EB)' Enter 'HiQ' or 'Ebony'

  • What is GHS-MSDS(Material Safety Data Sheet)?

    "An important component of product stewardship, occupational safety and health, and spill-handling procedures" 1. MSDS may include instructions for the safe use and potential hazards associated with a particular material or product.
    2. MSDS should be available for reference in the area where the chemicals are being stored or in use.
    3. Terms such as CSDS(Chemical Safety Data Sheet), ICSC(International Chemical Safety Cards), SDS(Safety Data Sheet) are also in use.

  • The definition of terms in GHS-MSDS

    1. Chemicals : Substances that are used in a chemical process or made by a chemical process
    2. Chemical product : A product made with main chemical components and other additives such as solvent or stabilizer
    3. Mixture : A substance that consists of other substances which have been stirred or shaken together and do not chemically react
    4. Compound : A substance that consists of two or more elements
    5. Manufacturer : A business or company which makes goods in large quantities to sell
    6. Importer : A country, firm or person that buys goods from another country for use in their own country